PeregrineSorry for the radio silence the last week, as you can tell, Ed and I have had postpone new Birdlander pages.  But, I can assure you we haven’t been resting on our laurels this whole time.  Apart from other commission work, Ed and I have also been working on our other comic, The Troubleshooters, which will be appearing in the British anthology series, Comichaus.  Here’s a sneak preview of a new character, Peregrine, the Dragonman!

There’s also something else I was supposed to mention but I can’t remember what… it was on the tip of my tongue… Oh that’s right… this weekend is KANSAS CITY COMIC CON!

Stop by and see Ed and I at tables 1427 and 1429.  Sadly, we won’t have issue 3 of Birdlander ready in time, but we will have copies of the first two issues if you missed out on them.  Also, I will have copies of my other brand new comic, The Amoral Stingray.  Download a free pdf here, and pick up a print copy at the show.  See you all there!

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